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Selling your designs on Spoonflower as fabric, wallpaper and home decor items is rewarding and fun. From professional artists to hobbyists, the Spoonflower Marketplace is for everyone—and you always keep the rights to your work.

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Featured designs by fineapple_pair
Featured designs by fineapple_pair

Always Earn the Max

  • Enjoy payouts every two weeks at as little as $10 in earnings, with no delays or waiting periods.
  • Always earn the max. Unlike other sites, commissions and bonuses are calculated on the retail price of the amount of material sold, regardless of any promotions or discounts the customer received.
  • Earn 11% - 15% of material sales as a power seller (see below).

Earn 10%

commission of material sales on every product from fabric and wallpaper to home decor.

Earn 11%

(a 1% bonus) if your monthly commission totals were $300 to $999. More details.

Earn 13%

(a 3% bonus) if your monthly commission totals were $1,000 to $1,499. More details.

Earn 15%

(a 5% bonus) if your monthly commission totals were $1500 +. More details.

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Join Our Community of Over 25,000 Artists

Collaborate and get feedback from fellow creative professionals and makers. Enjoy the additional satisfaction and reward by opting into our Marketplaces program and see your design go further through our relationships with Etsy, Amazon and more. We also love featuring our artist community in the Spoonflower magazine and on our blog!

Weekly Design Challenges

Gain Visibility

Create your own shop and share your masterpieces with over one million shoppers per month. As a Spoonflower seller, you may also choose to opt in to our distribution network on third-party marketplaces, getting your designs in front of shoppers at Etsy, Amazon, eBay, and more.

What Our Artists Say

Vivian of vivdesign

“Two years ago I came across Spoonflower. I had never heard about seamless repeats or print on demand, but I just thought ‘this is for me!‘ From there, I made my first design and entered the Spoonflower Origami challenge. I just love this new creative path!”

- Vivian of vivdesign
Mindy of indybloomdesign

“Today I am running a successful design company from home and the more I learn, the more I thrive and love being a part of this community. Spoonflower has helped me to become a successful business owner from home…”

- Mindy of indybloomdesign
Sarah of pattern_state

“Spoonflower made a way for me to design collections and see those designs come to life. For the first time I could think about how my own designs translated to a real marketplace. I love how I’ve been able to share these designs with other makers over the years. I’m constantly inspired by the whole community.”

- Sarah of pattern_state
Cecilia of ceciliamok

“I’m grateful for the opportunities which have bloomed from Spoonflower, such as connecting with a worldwide community of print lovers and amazing clients for commissions and design licensing.”

- Cecelia of ceceliamok

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Weekly Design Challenges

Weekly Design Challenges

Engage your design habit and get noticed by participating in our challenges, which feature a brand new theme and fun prizes each week. With an average of more than 50,000 votes cast each week, there is a lot of potential for “favoriting” and purchases.

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As the pioneer of the print-on-demand movement, Spoonflower has gained a following of over 700,000 people who watch for and use the Spoonflower hashtag across social media. Don’t forget to add this when you share your designs!

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There’s nothing quite like making money doing what you love and seeing other people use your artwork to make amazing things. Once you’ve uploaded your design, proofed it, and marked it for sale, you are ready to start earning.

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